Using Instagram: Personal vs. Business

(Source: Social Media Examiner)

In lecture yesterday we discussed how some people post things on Facebook that are completely unnecessary, such as posting a picture of your breakfast every morning. If you’re not a food enthusiast, a good friend of that person, or you just don’t feel like looking at food that morning, you’re not going to be a very big fan of that photo. It’s not just Facebook, but Twitter and Instagram have collected a wide community of users who post pictures of things ranging from the sidewalk to sunsets. Who really cares what your trashcan looks like? Or that Jamba Juice that you ordered? Apparently, a lot of people.

The “apparently, a lot of people” phrase applies if you’re somewhat of a celebrity, or a really big multi-million dollar company. In this article found on Social Media Examiner, 10 companies have found brilliant ways of marketing through Instagram, doing things that all of us do on a daily basis: posting photos of what we’re doing, what we’re looking at, where we’re going, and who we’re with. It’s not that exciting to post a picture of my little cubicle when I’m at work, but it IS exciting when Nordstrom instagrams a picture of a photo shoot. Just another day on the job. Who cares about the bean and cheese burrito I’m eating for lunch today? But we all care if Kobe Bryant, or Justin Bieber tweet a photo of their burritos.

Businesses have used a mundane task of posting photos into another free marketing tactic. It’s typical to scroll through your Facebook feed and find 10, 15, 20 photos that were uploaded in the past 12 hours. But what stands out is when a well-known brand does it. They have derived an intelligent system that keeps people hooked. Not too many photos, not too few. Just give us a glimpse of what a moment of being in your shoes looks like! Please! We want it, we wait for it.

So what do novices, small businesses, and even young adults need to do to get noticed like they do? Brand yourself. It’s not very interesting to see a picture of your cereal if you’re just going to go to school and sit through four lectures. It is interesting to see your breakfast if you’re about to go participate in a decathlon because you’ve been training for a year.

Even if you’re a student at UC Irvine, it might be best to be smart about what you post. Taking a picture of your morning coffee along side of the sketch pad and pen with a wide view of Aldrich Park may be just slightly better than the picture of your burrito. Don’t be know as the burrito guy, unless that’s really what you’re going for. And if it is, make sure your picture makes everyone salivate for that burrito.

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